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Unichip Unbrick Guide


  • Unichip Unbrick Guide

    Applies To:

    - EC UniChip Q

    The UniChip, no matter sold from any vendor, can sometimes enter a state where it is soft bricked. This is typically do to a bad firmware flash via a corrupt firmware file, the UniChip was disconnected during the firmware update or other outside causes (bad cable, etc).

    To recover a soft bricked UniChip, we need to understand what a soft bricked UniChip looks like or what symptoms it exhibits:

    - Connecting the Unichip to the computer with the USB cable ON results in the Unichip Reflash software indicating "Disconnected".

    - Connecting the Unichip to the computer with the USB cable OFF results in the Unichip Reflash software rapidly cycling between "Disconnected" and "Ready" rapidly.

    What you need to unbrick the UniChip:

    1. A Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 PC. No MAC/VM support, although it *may* work.

    2. A Unichip USB cable with the toggle ON/OFF switch.

    3. U140901P.DAS or U140211P.DAS firmware files depending on if the software complains that the firmware is too old or not. (Available in the link attached).

    4. Unichip Reflash Software. (Available in the link attached).

    5. FTDI VCP Drivers v2.12.16 (may work with newer FTDI drivers, YMMV).

    5. Patience, lots of patience.

    ***Make sure the FTDI drivers are installed before continuing. You can verify this by connecting the USB cable to the computer and checking Windows Device Manager to see what version of the driver is installed. I'm sure this procedure will work even with the pre-loaded drivers or drivers from Windows Update, but it's always nice to have the latest ones from FTDI. You can manually choose "Update Driver" on the USB Serial Converter in Device Manager and choose the driver from the folder you extracted the drivers to.***

    1. Connect the Unichip to the computer with the USB cable in the OFF position.

    - The Unichip Reflash Software should cycle between "Disconnected" and "Ready".

    2. Press the Update Firmware button when the software shows "Ready". It may give you an error, but just choose one of the firmware files U140901P.DAS or U140211P.DAS.

    3. When the software indicates to switch the Unichip ON, flick the switch on the USB cable to ON and IMMEDIATELY (this is very very important) press OK.

    If you time this right, the reflash process WILL start. If you do not time it right, it will fail and you will have to exit the software and repeat all the steps again.

    This can take a lot of tries to get the timing correct.

    4. Once the reflash is complete, you should be set. U140901P.DAS is the latest firmware that is compatible with the EC Tunes (to my knowledge). So, before loading any tunes, make sure this firmware is loaded. EC can correct this/confirm and edit if need be.

    Files required:
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