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  • Just Drove a 500x

    The wife could use a new car, and I spotted a low mileage 500x at my local dealer. Went for a test drive. Not my cup of tea, but I can see why people like these. You feel like Jack the Bear when you're sitting up there with your big freaking tires. Steering was remarkably quick. Didn't think the shifting was jerky either, which seems to be a common complaint.

    In any case, we found it a bit of a pain stepping in and out of it due to the height, and the leather seats were on the firm side.

    They had a 500X SPORT on the floor, so for the hell of it, we tried getting in and out of that. No difference, but the Sport is supposed to have lowered springs. A side by side comparison on the Fiat website shows we didn't get that stateside. The wheel gap is identical between a Trekking and a Sport.

    Just so ya know.

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