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If you don't invest in digital, your company will break

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  • If you don't invest in digital, your company will break

    For a long time, Kodak was the largest photography company in the world. At the height of its success, in the 1970s, it held 90% of the film market and 85% of the camera market in the United States. With a very strong presence in the rest of the world, the company accounted for two thirds of the world market. However, from the 1990s, this scenario began to change, and Kodak entered a progressive decline that culminated in its filing for bankruptcy in 2012. Fujifilm's Japanese competition gradually gained space in the market thanks to digital technology, technology that Kodak itself had invented years before, in 1975, and then chose not to invest massively in it. This was the company 's big mistake , leading to a massive drop in revenue. Kodak's case is analyzed even today in corporate studies because it offers valuable lessons for businesses in all sectors. The most important of them is this: the biggest companies , even the most successful in their activities, can go bankrupt if they ignore the power of the disruptive technologies that dominate today.

    For this reason, the prognosis that gives the title of this article may initially seem radical, but this is not the case. It is enough to look at the lessons of the past to see that this is no exaggeration. We can safely say that companies that do not incorporate the changes of the digital revolution are simply doomed to failure. Old practices do Colombia Email List not bring new results – if there is no investment in a website , e-commerce , social networks and other forms of digital media, the consumer will not know that your company exists and, no matter how revolutionary your products or services are, they they will not be bought or contracted. Yes: you will break ! The most incredible thing is to see that there are still managers and entrepreneurs who simply choose to ignore lessons like Kodak's. This stubbornness can be costly. Recently, the pandemic has shown that businesses most open to change have profited and come out ahead. Do you want to see just one data that proves this statement? In the last six months, e-commerce has grown the same as in the last six years.

    Yes, you read that correctly: 6 years in 6 months. Therefore, we can say that 2020 came to accelerate a trend that was already underway: the adoption of technological solutions is increasingly essential for business survival and strategy. This post is addressed to you, who don't want to go through a “Kodak moment” in the near future, but who, on the other hand, still haven't massively invested in digital technologies in your company. Next, we show you 5 reasons to start investing in Digital Marketing yesterday. This information is from the TIC Households 2019 survey and shows the enormous reach potential of online platforms – blogs, social networks and websites. None – we repeat: none – platform today has this reach potential with the same cost-effectiveness. In short: your audience is on the internet, that's where you should migrate your marketing strategies.​