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500 abarth x

  • Robinsoncole
    started a topic Euro + drive help

    Euro + drive help

    I just got my tuner for a dodge dart 1.4 2013 and I'm having a little trouble. The car has the push to start which keeps shutting off due to a timer....
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  • gucciloafers
    started a topic 500 Abarth from Marysville, OH

    500 Abarth from Marysville, OH

    Hey guys,

    My name is Shailer and I currently live in Marysville, OH. Body engineer for Honda R&D. I've had my 2013 500 Abarth for about...
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  • P1CEA -00-Boost Side Evap Purge System Performance

    P1CEA -00-Boost Side Evap Purge System Performance


    Special Tools: Click to hide the list of tools used in this procedure
    Click here to launch the form to order any tools you need.
    8404C - Kit, EELD And Accessory

    For a complete wiring diagram, refer to the Wiring Information.

    Theory of Operation



    1 Filter – Fresh...
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  • Oil Change DIY - 500 Abarth

    in DIY

    Oil Change DIY - 500 Abarth

    Abarth Oil and Filter Change

    Like all cars, your Abarth needs fresh engine oil at semi-regular intervals. Exactly how often depends to an extent on your driving style, the Abarth’s brain keeps track of this and when it decides it’s time for an oil change it will illuminate the “Generic Warning Light” on the dash. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s the amber light with an exclamation point inside of a triangle. The MAXIMUM period between oil changes is 8000 miles,
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  • KYB KG5564 Rear Shocks - Parts List

    in DIY

    KYB KG5564 Rear Shocks - Parts List

    A lot of people have fitted KYB KG5564 rear shocks to their Fiat 500s (Abarth, 500T, Pop, etc). These shocks are a decent upgrade over OEM and can be used as OEM replacements. They are not adjustable like the Koni Yellows which I still recommend over these. The KYBs also need extra hardware. A list is available of what you need below:

    Note: Might be able to find them cheaper or available at other places.

    1. 2 Shocks:
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  • Unichip Unbrick Guide

    Unichip Unbrick Guide

    Applies To:

    - EC UniChip Q

    The UniChip, no matter sold from any vendor, can sometimes enter a state where it is soft bricked. This is typically do to a bad firmware flash via a corrupt firmware file, the UniChip was disconnected during the firmware update or other outside causes (bad cable, etc).

    To recover a soft bricked UniChip, we need to understand what a soft bricked UniChip looks like or what symptoms it exhibits:

    - Connecting...
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  • 2015+ TFT Cluster Retrofit Guide

    2015+ TFT Cluster Retrofit Guide

    Applies To:

    - 2012-2014 Fiat 500 Abarth (works on other Fiat 500 models as well, including Pop, Lounge, 500T, etc).


    - Direct swap, 100% no extra wiring.
    - Flashing Odometer (fix included below).
    - Throttle position in sport mode doesn't work when the TFT Cluster is set to Abarth mode.
    - G-Force does not work in any mode.
    - Tire pressure readings will be off by 5-7psi

    There may be fixes for the last three...
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